Wednesday, 18 August 2010

LaSt wiSh oF D abAndoneD..

The compass of time kept on rotating....
I am in a state of idle
Waana move, but those memories...
Held my hands singing;
''u can't move''
I shouted to the future to gimme a relief..
But not the present do..
I know; it's a sort of solitary imprisonment
No lawyers of life to get me rid off it..
No gates of life to flee from
And no value for tears as there's no one to see that
Clouds are dark but wid out rains of salvation..
I screamed; but no one to hear
I looked to the sky..
With a hope of bliss of your face..
And this; perhaps my last wish
Touch me and take me
To another world where,
No one knows the meaning for sorrow................

1 comment:

  1. amazin stuff vivin :) if only der was really a world like that where der ws no sorrow ah life wud hav been jus so mch better na :)