Friday, 1 April 2011

I m sorry..but i just waana live once again...

I know..the world is so small
that I gotta explore all
ma lyf is a fantasy
wid all moments of ecstasy
i wish i could have more
more than i learned
more than i earned..
when i was a kid , i was taught tat i need to study hard..
but when i started learning, they said i need to work hard and,
when i worked hard, they said i need to live well.
and when i reached the last doors of lyf
i found that i missd all..
so i need to go back ..
back to when it all started..
i need to think n need to confess
for all mistakes i've done

for my dad n my mom ; i m sorry for all the miseries i gave...
i never been a good son; but i'll try my level best, to be from now on....

and my dear bro, i loved you all tyms , but i never shown up
and i did a mistake..hope u forgive me...

and for all my dear friends....i just waana say sorry,
coz i never thanked you coz if you were not there
i won't be no where..
you held me when i fell
you cared me when i cried
and u made the man out of me..
jus waana say onething...tat i am sorry n i luv you.....

and for ma first love...
its true tat i hated you, when realised tat i won't get you
but tat was my mistake
tat i did'nt realise, you taught what is love...
the pain and joy it gave
n now i am here to say sorry and may u liv long..wid all best in ur lyf...

now i know whats lyf...
its all about living...
widout wasting a moment
moments of love, peace and happiness
so that when i reached d end
i can say
yeh i lived my life to full....

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