Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Dream Vendors on the banks of Macquarie river.

They came in; the Vendors of small dreams and Vendors of big dreams. The little one was fascinated of small dreams and asked for it, but the Vendors of small dream denied to sell it. The Vendors of big dreams offered him all they have and when the little one refused it, they tied those dreams to him, one by one and one over the other, like layered pastries, like swirl of sauces. Then they walked away. The Vendors of small dreams waited there, like mere audience watching a boring play , by  knowing what will happen next. They pretend as if they don't know whats coming next just to add a little misery for the little one's heart and enjoyed the sadistic truth that the play is always in their hands, in the hands of Vendors of small dreams. The little boy untied the big dreams tied to him. One by one, layer by layer and then he offered all of them, all the big dreams imposed on him to the Vendors of small dreams, with a hope that the poor little idiot will get all those small dreams for that priceless piles of big dreams (free and forced). The little one saw the that deceiving smile appearing on the Vendors of small dreams, for they know this will happen and they know what will happen next and they know exactly what to do when all of it happens, so they waited. With eyes full of tears and heart full of pain, the pain that little one cannot bear anymore, he dipped his little arms deep inside
him and took his heart out of him. A small red beating heart with priceless pain in it. The eyes of Vendors of small dreams bloomed like a pitcher plant plant blooming before it's pray. A  blossom that is so attractive and that it will attract those tiny insects, those tiny elements of life in to it and then with its fiery harsh juices it will digest all of it, all those little bits and pieces of life inside it and send them to nowhere, a place no one or nothing exist. A hope of ray arouse inside the heart of heartless boy, that he will have all the  small dreams that he is desperate about. To his surprise one Vendor snatched that throbbing heart from his little hands, still red and still with life inside it. The other one pushed him so hard along with the pile of big dreams, so the little boy can't get up easily, for the Vendors of small dreams know what exactly they have to do when everything that need to be happened as they happened. With chorus of joy, and wild steps of pleasure the Vendors of small dreams walked away, with a priceless heart full of precious pain, still red and still beating and all the small dreams, all of them that they will not ever sell and only use to snatch little hearts, little red hearts beating with full of precious pain inside it. The little boy in the pile of big dreams that came to him (free and forced) watched them walking away, across the river, across the hills and to the land of nowhere where no one can reach. There were no tears on his eyes as he lost all of them along with the heart they snatched, The little heart that the Vendors of small dreams snatched from him. And then, with the pile of big dreams the boy crossed the river and started the journey towards the hills, towards the land of nowhere where no one can reached. The river watched it quietly, A little boy with pile of big dreams (free and forced) fading away towards the hills.

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